Sunday, May 1, 2011

Staying Out of Trouble.........

The other day, one of my clients was lamenting how many of her friends and acquaintances have or have had breast cancer. Didn't I think it was unlike anything we knew before?

Well, yes, in fact, I believe we're in the middle of an epidemic of cancers of all types. It's not uncommon to hear of 30 and 40 year olds losing their lives to colon, skin, breast, lung, even brain cancer.
A few years back, I came across an interview with Samuel Epstein, M.D., in my favorite magazine, The Sun, by writer Derrick Jensen, in which he (Epstein) describes how society still blames the victim, rather than actually admitting what we intuitively know, that the cause is really what we've done to our environment...........the soil, the air, the water, the food additives, consumer products, etc.

Dr. Epstein created the Cancer Prevention Coalition in 1994 to help empower people with information and networking about common carcinogens in their households, in their food and other lifestyle choices.
The entire interview will be available for downloading from my website in a few days, or you can find it in the March 2000 issue of The Sun.

Both the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society come out looking pretty bad. Prepare yourself to be shocked and saddened.

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