Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"My Back Hurts"

"My back hurts."........ "My back went out." .........."Everyone in my family has back problems....."

I hear these words everyday. What's going on here?

As a massage therapist, I see people in pain all the time. Many live with chronic nagging if not debilitating pain all throughout their adult lives. The literature says that fully 60% of reported back pain is not attributable to any lesion or defect in the tissues or bones.

I believe I know what is responsible for a lot of this suffering and what to do about it. Back massage per se will not help, because the affected muscle(s) is too deep to contact directly. I use an indirect and gentle approach.

Of course, the long-term solution lies in one's own hands. The proper strengthening and stretching of the offending muscle(s) will be necessary. But in the short-term, muscle re-education techniques, or "pnf", applied very specifically, will relieve the spasming and pain that shut a person down.

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More later.