Friday, July 1, 2011

Music Changes Everything

Wow! What a discovery!
I have a friend who is fond of saying "everything is vibration" and this used to mean nothing to me, but now I get it.
I was in a funk the other day, and put on a piece of music and lo! ............everything changed. I felt like exercising. I went into gear. I felt buoyed up, restored, hopeful, potent and alive. I was then ready to go back to the books and study hard.

Metaphysics teaches us that this is a field of consciousness that we're living in, and that it's seamless, from the subtlest to the densest, the finest to the most gross, all is made up of particles and waves, and that even A THOUGHT has (is) vibration. Hence, all is vibration.

Dense vibrations feel heavy, like depression, and high, fast vibrations feel enlivening, uplifting, energizing.
Music is vibration and so are our bodies. The higher vibration of certain sounds can lift us up, even banishing depressive states, if held in our attention.

If you want more understanding of this, you can visit This is the site of Jerry and Esther Hicks. Esther speaks for the non-physical realm with the voice of "Abraham", a wise voice she says is many, many spirits speaking as one.

So, knowing this, I'm ready to do it again.....let's see...Gnarls Barkley, anyone?

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