Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Two weeks ago, my baby toe met the leg of an oak coffeetable at high speed. Yes, it's broken. Now I have to be absolutely vigilant so that I don't smack it again. I'm told it will take two months to heal.
This and the new braces on my teeth, I'm really complaining. What a tough life!! Well, I need a massage.
The leg and foot massage I get this evening will enhance the circulation, calm the muscles in the calf and speed the healing of that little bone. The jaw massage will ease the tension I feel all through my face with these new metalworks on my teeth. Any headache that tries to take hold will be banished.

I am blessed. I know the value of a good massage treatment.....and I'm worth it. You, too, can ease life's little stresses with massage. Check out my website and see if this will work for you, too........www.health-is-balance.com.


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